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Modernising the public service

Finance is continuing to support the government to transform the public sector to become more adaptive and productive, able to respond quickly and expertly to emerging priorities, while remaining trusted, capable and high performing. This important work is a key element of our purpose.

Finance led the work to allocate the government’s $500 million investment through the Public Service Modernisation Fund. Initiatives were announced in the 2017–18 Budget with funding allocated over three years.

These initiatives will deliver quality government services at lower cost and use leading technology and collaborative approaches to address complex problems facing society.

In 2017–18, Finance will collaborate with entities to ensure these initiatives are delivering expected outcomes.

In addition, Finance will continue to lead the implementation of a number of reforms that will modernise the APS to be more productive, innovative and sustainable. These include:

  • coordinating the Shared Services program to deliver standardised and streamlined corporate services and business processes across the Australian Public Service (APS)
  • reforming public sector resource management through the whole-of-government grants administration program and records management platform
  • implementing a flexible and integrated Budget workflow and decision tracking system, that interfaces with the Central Budget Management System Redevelopment Project, enabling greater automation and collaboration across the APS
  • improving the use of government business data to better support government decision making.

Finance will draw on its capability to deliver policy, programs, projects and services to support government to implement APS modernisation.