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Activities and performance

The department recognises the importance of communicating what we do and how it impacts opportunity and prosperity—especially for children, families, communities, students, the workforce and the nation. The department aims to better measure, monitor and report our performance.

We recognise that responsibility for our outcomes is shared and we work with states and territories, educators and experts, and with a range of public, private and not-for-profit child care, education and training providers to develop measures of performance. We are driving efforts to build the national education evidence base to strengthen national policy development and service delivery.

This plan outlines priority activities and performance criteria for 2017–18 and over the four year outlook. The department’s role in contributing to achievement in each area varies; sometimes we are involved directly in implementing national policy; at other times we use our funding and regulatory role to focus on improving outcomes through measures that are implemented by others.

The performance information listed in our corporate plan sits within a broader framework of measuring and monitoring our performance, in internal business planning and reporting, as well as externally. Further information on program resourcing and performance is available in our 2017–18 Portfolio Budget Statements. The achievement against the performance criteria in this plan and in our budget statements will be reported in the department’s annual performance statements, at the end of the reporting period.