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Commitment to risk management

Our Board of Directors is committed to implementing a robust risk management framework and processes as part of strategic and operational planning as a GBE, across its business domains and as the owner of project delivery for the design, construction and operation of Western Sydney International.

The company aims to foster a strong, positive risk culture based on shared values and behaviours, in order to promote an open and proactive approach to managing risk that considers both threat and opportunity, and is one where risk is appropriately identified, assessed, communicated and managed across the company.

Approach to risk management

Our Risk Management Policy, Framework and the Audit and Risk Committee Charter provide the mandate from the Board and management for how we manage risk.

The effective management of risk is essential to the success of any organisation and successful delivery of any project, and we are committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of risk management.

The risk management framework was reviewed and updated in 2021 to align with the stage of the project and our current risk maturity.

More information can be found in the Risk management section of this report.