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Regulatory Report

WSA is subject to various legislative requirements including (but not limited to) under the:

  • Corporations Act 2001 (Cth);
  • PGPA Act;
  • PGPA Rule; and
  • Airports Act 1996 (Cth).

The Regulatory Report provides information on WSA’s compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. A number of matters are disclosed in the main body of the Annual Report. Other matters are disclosed in this Regulatory Report. The Regulatory Reporting Requirements Index on pages 77 to 80 shows where the relevant information can be found in this Annual Report.

Ownership and structure

WSA is a GBE wholly-owned by the Commonwealth of Australia.

Corporate Plan

WSA Co Limited, now known as Western Sydney Airport or WSA, published the Corporate Plan 2019-20 in August 2019.