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9. Interactions with the Shareholder Ministers

9.1 Shareholder communications

WSA maintains regular communication with the Shareholder Ministers and Departments to inform these stakeholders of any significant development.

In compliance with the PGPA Act and the Commonwealth Government Business Enterprise - Governance and Oversight Guidelines, WSA provides information about the Company and its governance to Shareholder Ministers through the Annual Corporate Plan, Annual Report and regular Shareholder reports and meetings. In line with the ASX Principles, the Company gives
its Shareholder Ministers the option to receive communications from and send communications to the Company electronically.

The Company submitted its FY2019-20 Corporate Plan, for the reporting period of FY2019-20 to FY2022-23, to its Shareholder Ministers on 30 August 2019.

9.2 Disclosure obligations

WSA is obliged to keep the Shareholder Ministers informed of its activities which are similar to the continuous disclosure requirements applicable to ASX-listed entities. As soon as WSA becomes aware of any significant issues or information that may affect the Company, this information is required to be communicated on a confidential basis to Shareholder Ministers. This may include significant changes to the business environment and any associated risks which may impact on the delivery of the Airport, and/or future revenue projections.