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6. Lawful, Ethical and Responsible Behaviour

WSA’s purpose is to generate social and economic prosperity by working to safely deliver a thriving airport precinct in Western Sydney.

The Company is committed to achieving this whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, integrity, sustainability and performance.

Underpinning the realisation of this purpose is a set of core organisational values used to cultivate a positive corporate culture that empowers people to deliver legally, ethically and responsibly.

6.1 Code of Conduct

WSA’s Code of Conduct was first approved by the Board on 9 April 2018 and reviewed on 13 May 2019. The Code of Conduct applies to Directors, Senior Executives and other employees. The Code provides information about the behaviours that the Company expects and which will foster a culture where ethical conduct is valued and demonstrated in day-to-day business.

All employees, consultants and contractors are required to demonstrate key behaviours consistent with the following standards:

  • Maintaining high standards of transparency, honesty and fairness;
  • Respecting difference and embracing different ways of thinking;
  • Refusing to tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination;
  • Working collaboratively and openly with each other; and
  • Considering environmental and social impacts when making a business decision, and ensuring resources are used responsibly.

The Code of Conduct and supporting policies are available on the WSA website at westernsydney.com.au.

6.2 Conflict of Interest

Under the WSA Code of Conduct and the WSA Conflict of Interest Policy, all staff are required to disclose any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest to their manager or to the WSA General Counsel and Company Secretary for evaluation and advice.

6.3 Privacy

WSA has a Privacy Policy and a People Privacy Policy that set out how the Company must manage personal information to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). These policies will be reviewed regularly, and a copy of the policies is available on the WSA website at westernsydney.com.au.

6.4 Whistleblower protection

WSA recognises the importance of providing a safe, supportive and confidential environment where people feel confident about reporting wrongdoing without fear of retaliation and are supported and protected throughout the process. The Whistleblower Policy provides a framework for the escalation of "reportable or disclosable conduct". This includes conduct that is illegal, improper, unethical or in breach of the Company’s corporate policies.

The Whistleblower Policy applies to all WSA Directors, officers, employees, suppliers of goods or services (or their employees), which includes secondees and contractors, and covers disclosures under both the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth).

A whistleblower may make a disclosure under the Whistleblower Policy to their immediate manager, a designated Senior Executive, or through an independently managed Whistleblower Hotline, which is managed by KPMG.

No public interest disclosures or reports pursuant to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) were received in the reporting period.