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Phases of Airport Delivery

Planning & design phase

During FY2018–19, WSA continued the preliminary activities necessary for the construction of the Airport which involved the following major achievements:

  • Commencement of early earthworks, including contamination remediation activities, with the first one million cubic metres of earth moved during the year;
  • The Company made $99.6 million (FY2017–18: $146.1 million) of Commonwealth Preparatory Activities (CPA) payments to the Commonwealth for activities to be undertaken on behalf of WSA;
  • Early completion of the relocation of the TransGrid 330kV power line from overhead to underground; and
  • WSA’s Delivery Partner and Project Manager (Definition) commenced project and design management activities.

These milestones are intended to enable the Airport site to be developed in accordance with the Airport Plan.

Operational expenditure
Total operating expenditure for the year was $252.9 million and reflects current activities related to the Planning and Design phase of Airport Delivery. This phase is characterised by significant site preparation activities including enabling works, early earthworks, and contamination remediation activities. Since these costs are incurred in the pre-development stage of construction, they are expensed as incurred.

Site preparation
Site preparation expenses that were incurred related to CPA activities, completion of the relocation of the TransGrid 330kV power line from overhead to underground, and early earthworks activities including site levelling, temporary road construction and other site establishment works.

Design and project management
Design and project management expenditure was primarily related to Delivery Partner and Project Manager (Definition) services, engineering works, and costing activities necessary to progress the planning stages of the project.

Decontamination expense recognised in FY2018–19 represents increased provisioning to remediate additional quantities of asbestos and unexpected finds, and further remediation of contaminated material, including management of material that has been temporarily stockpiled.

Employee benefits
During FY2018–19, WSA’s second year since establishment, the Company continued to build a highly capable and skilled workforce.

Other expenses
This expense category comprises professional services and other operating costs, including community engagement activities, information technology and administration requirements.