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Organisational Structure

WSA has built a team of highly experienced individuals leading strategic and functional domains across the organisation. For the current phase of WSA’s operation, the team is organised into two key business streams, project and corporate, to reflect delivery of respective activities. WSA has continued to build capability and this includes Bechtel as the Delivery Partner and Project Manager (Definition). In addition, WSA’s extended workforce includes specialist technical advisers within the project business stream and is complemented with teams of experienced earth-moving and construction organisations.

WSA’s organisational structure is depicted below.

As at 30 June 2019, WSA employed 78 people. This number reflects the employees who are employed directly by WSA. The composition of this workforce is as follows:

Employee Statistics



Ongoing employees




Full-time / Part-time

73 Full-time, 1 Part-time

40 Full-time

*Male / Female

41 Males, 33 Females

23 Males, 17 Females

Non-ongoing employees




Full-time / Part-time

4 Full-time

1 Full-time

*Male / Female

1 Male, 3 Females

1 Female

**Total employees



* No individuals identified themselves as gender-indeterminate throughout both reporting periods.
** All employees throughout both reporting periods were based in New South Wales.

As at 30 June 2019, the combined workforce (which includes direct employees of WSA, employees of Bechtel under Delivery Partner and Project Manager (Definition) arrangements, and workers on-site) is 618 people.

Diversity and Inclusion

WSA believes strongly in equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in communities and in workplaces, and values the contribution of all its people. The Company recognises that diverse experiences and backgrounds will help it grow as an ethical and productive business. Diversity within the workplace will enable the Company to leverage the unique perspective of all its people to best serve customers, the community, the business and each other.

The Company is continuing to develop a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workforce. In particular, WSA is committed to:

  • Providing opportunities to Indigenous Australians;
  • Supporting individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • Fostering the recruitment and promotion of women in the workforce; and
  • Encouraging flexible work arrangements for those who would benefit from it.

Diversity and inclusion targets

To enable WSA to achieve a diverse workforce, the following workforce targets have been set:


Workforce Target

(currently includes direct employees of WSA, employees of Bechtel under Delivery Partner and Project Manager (Definition) arrangements, and workers on-site)


Progress Against Targets as at 30 June 2019

Local Employment

30% during construction from the Western Sydney catchment (Western Sydney City Deal Local Government Areas – Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly – as well as Parramatta, Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Holroyd, and the Hills District).



10% by 2025

Covering Indigenous, women in non-traditional roles, women in leadership positions, economically and socially disadvantaged people, and people with a disability.


(including 3% Indigenous employees)

Learning Workers (including apprentices)

20% by 2025

Including trainees, apprenticeships and workers training to upgrade their qualifications and skills.