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Legal and Governance

Domain Objective: “Establish robust governance practices with a focus on risk management and compliance.”

WSA is focused on the implementation of an effective governance framework, including policies and procedures, to achieve compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, and to reflect best practice corporate governance processes. In 2018–19, WSA embedded robust corporate governance practices within the Company, supported by quality legal support, which it considers essential to the sustainability and performance of the Company and acting in the best interests of its shareholders. Active input from both internal and external legal advisers has underpinned work on each of WSA’s significant procurements during the reporting period, including Bulk Earthworks, the Experience Centre, the Design Competition, and Independent Certifier. In FY2019–20, WSA will continue its commitment to robust governance policies and practices. Detail relating to the Company’s Legal and Governance domain is provided in the Corporate Governance Statement.