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In accordance with the Aboriginal Land Grant ( Jervis Bay Territory) Act 1986, Council has various functions within the main categories of land holding and management, provision of community services for its members and business enterprises.

The responsible Minister for the 2019-2020 reporting period was the Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Ken Wyatt MP.

Further to the Act, Council holds title to Aboriginal Land and exercises, for the benefit of the members of the community, the Council’s powers as owner of Aboriginal Land. Council can also make representations to the Minister in relation to land that Council considers should become Aboriginal Land. Following such a process, Blocks 151 and 152 were awarded in 2018-19 but they represented only about 20% of the land the subject of the claim. Council did resubmit the claim for some properties part of the original claim, however NIAA has encouraged Council to submit a new land claim covering all remaining vacant crown land in the JBT, including Jervis Bay Village Road, currently home to many Registered Members of WBACC and it is Council's intention to make this new claim during the 2020-21 Financial Year.

Community service type functions include housing provision, repair and maintenance, upkeep of the community centre, establishment of a community garden, men’s and women’s groups, daycare, small business, education and sporting assistance, provision of training, arrangement of community events such as NAIDOC and community communication and consultation initiatives.

Further functions include protecting and conserving natural and cultural sites on Aboriginal land, engaging in land use planning relating to Aboriginal land and managing and maintaining Aboriginal land as well as conducting business enterprises for the economic or social benefit of the community.

One of BNP's lovely walking tracks
One of BNP's lovely walking tracks