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Land Ownership and Management

Establishment of Council under the Land Grant Act permitted granting of inalienable freehold title to 403 hectares of land in the Jervis Bay Territory ( JBT) to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community. The land has been solely managed by the Council since 1987.

Map of the Jervis Bay Territory

In the early 1990s, Council pursued further grants of land in the JBT, including the then Jervis Bay National Park and Australian National Botanic Gardens (Jervis Bay Annex) and, in 1995, amendments were made to the Land Grant Act and the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975 and in October 1995 Council was granted title to both parcels of land. The land grant included a marine component within Jervis Bay itself.

Prior to the land grant, Council agreed to lease the Park to the Director of National Parks (Director) by way of a Memorandum of Lease being negotiated and signed. The lease is currently undergoing a review and is of 99 years in duration.

In 1996, a Board of Management (Joint Park Board) was established for Jervis Bay National Park and the Botanic Gardens with Wreck Bay Community representatives occupying five of the nine positions and in 1997 the name of the Park was changed to Booderee National Park to reflect Aboriginal ownership.

The current Joint Park Board comprises twelve members with Wreck Bay community representatives occupying seven positions. Wreck Bay community representatives are elected from the Wreck Bay Council Board of Directors.

In 2018, two further parcels of land, Blocks 151 and 152 in Jervis Bay, were granted to WBACC, In total, the area of land and water owned by the Council in the JBT is approximately 68 square kilometres; about 90% of the land.

The remaining land in the JBT is managed by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications; with the Department of Defence managing Defence land.

Australian National Botanic Gardens (Jervis Bay Annex)
Australian National Botanic Gardens (Jervis Bay Annex)