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Analysis of the factors that contributed to WBACC's Performance Outcomes:

Overall, WBACC is tracking well against the achievement of its purposes which are the management and maintenance of Aboriginal land, the provision of services to community members and the conduct of business enterprises for the economic and social benefit of the Community. Evidence of WBACC's achievement in these areas can be found:

- in WBACC's ongoing dedication through its staffing and work plans to maintaining and improving the land, Workplans for grounds, infrastructure, roads and trails, and weed control are adhered to throughout the year by our contract services and weeds control teams, ensuring Booderee National Park and the lands of the 403 remain beautiful places to be enjoyed by registered members and visitors.

- in the amounts of money provided through community support policies and the number of registered members benefiting from these policies. $98,000 in direct financial assistance has been provided to community members, through our business support, tertiary education support, sporting support and elders support policies.

- in increased education and skill levels, evident in the number and quality of registered member candidates applying for positions at WBACC. It is a given that increased education levels lead to increased employment opportunities and higher incomes. This year two Wreck Bay registered members who had done training and casual work on Council's roads team were successful in obtaining traineeships and ongoing work with Fulton Hogan, a major civil construction company. WBACC worked with Fulton Hogan to attract five Wreck Bay Registered Members to the training Program.

Two WBACC Rgistered Members were sponsored through the Fulton Hogan Civil Engineering Program and won ongoing positions
Two WBACC Rgistered Members were sponsored through the Fulton Hogan Civil Engineering Program and won ongoing positions

- in the improvement to the ability of residents to participate in wider society through better communications infrastructure, with the introduction of the nbn after much lobbying from Council and a new service of mail delivery from Australia Post, with residents receiving mail delivered by Australia Post to to Wreck Bay Village mailboxes.

mailboxes for Wreck bay residents, with deliveries by Australia Post mailboxes for Wreck bay residents, with deliveries by Australia Post

- in the opportunities for Registered members to participate in community activities whilst learning new skills and having fun.

- in the ability of the business entity to attract new contracts (sports grants, cultural heritage, land management work for the Department of Defence) and new grant funding (Caring for Country Rangers Program) and to expand its area of operations to include parts of the JBT not previously funded for management. The growth of the enterprise not only leads to further indigenous employment (eleven new staff this year) but also to the generation of income to contribute to community services and to the multiplier effects - the need for more services to cater to extra employees and the need for more office amenities (extra day care, building, plumbing, vehicle maintenance and upkeep etc) all providing extra work for community and local businesses who employ community members).

Factors that have contributed to these performance results include:

- good governance at Board and Joint Board level and within the business entity, with ongoing governance training, good meeting records and decisions made in an accountable and transparent fashion and good budgeting;

- good staff management, with performance management in place; workplans well monitored; team building exercises and communication mechanisms well utilised;

WBACC Teambuilding Day October 2019
WBACC Teambuilding Day October 2019

- accountability to government - acquittal processes and contract monitoring ensure that grant monies are properly spent and that contracts are well performed.

Joint Board meetings during COVID
Joint Board meetings during COVID