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Our Goals

To achieve this vision, Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council’s goals are:

  • Sole ownership of all lands and waters within Jervis Bay Territory;
  • Sole management of its freehold land and waters; allowing for community responsibility, empowerment and self determination
  • Sole representation of the community’s united and democratically agreed interests at all levels of Government and in all external dealings; so as to protect community members’ rights;
  • Environmentally sustainable development to allow a productive economic base for the community by managing Booderee as an ongoing Park; the community seeks to protect the land and water while earning income, creating jobs and achieving financial security;
  • Social and cultural development linked with appropriate cultural training and education, to improve community empowerment and management, security and wellbeing; while preserving community values;
  • Improvement in health, housing and living standards to levels at least comparable with other Australian communities; and
  • Recognition and support from the wider Australian community and government; to achieve these worthwhile and positive goals.

George Brown Jnr, with Wreck Bay signage at the entry to the 403 lands
George Brown Jnr, with Wreck Bay signage at the entry to the 403 lands

The Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council (the Council) is a corporate commonwealth entity which was established by the Aboriginal Land Grant

( Jervis Bay Territory) Act 1986 (Land Grant Act), which falls within the Ministerial responsibilities of the Minister for Indigenous Australians. The Council commenced operations in March 1987 and is currently in its thirty third year of operation.

Wreck Bay Village
Wreck Bay Village