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Strategy 4 - Performance Criteria 2: Update the Town Plan

Action: This year, WBACC engaged Indigenous Community Volunteers to assist with our town plan. This involved initial work to respond to the High Court decision on housing. ICV helped us work through the options available and provided information to help the WBACC Board make a decision to implement home ownership in Wreck Bay Village. This decision has led to identification of all the steps necessary to achieve home ownership, most of which need to be worked into a new town plan.

Results: WBACC's Home Ownership Implementation Strategy is currently with Government for consideration.

Next Steps: The town planner will be arriving in October 2019 to develop a detailed town plan, encompassing all the work required for the establishment of 99 year leases on the ACT crown lease model. This will involve work to survey and subdivide lots (the 403 is registered as a single lot currently), fencing, roads, culverts, retaining walls, identification of new lots, a new cemetery and community spaces. ICV has generously supplied an architect to work with the town planners as well as some legal expertise.