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List of non-compliant organisations

The following is a list of organisations that have been assessed as not complying with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. Non-compliant organisations may not be eligible to tender for contracts under Commonwealth and some state procurement frameworks, and may not be eligible for some Commonwealth grants or other financial assistance.

This list was correct at time of printing. An up-to-date list of non-compliant organisations is available on the Agency’s website.

Director’s discretion not to name (DNN) a non-compliant employer

Under the Act, the Director has the discretion not to name (DNN) an employer as non-compliant where there are mitigating circumstances. These may include receivership, major restructuring, retrenchments and employee numbers approaching less than 80.

Due to the significant impact of COVID-19 on employers, the Director decided early in this report submission period that employers from badly-affected industries who sought an exemption from reporting would be granted an automatic DNN by Agency staff.

Employers who have been non-compliant in previous years were not granted a DNN unless they contacted the Agency to seek an exemption based on mitigating circumstances.

At 30 October 2020, the number of employers granted a DNN was 137. Ordinarily, fewer than ten employers are granted a DNN in any given reporting period.

Legal name of reporting entity

Business/trading names of reporting entity (where different to legal name)

Ultimate parent of reporting entity (where different to reporting entity)

Achieve Australia Limited

AI Topper & Co Pty Ltd

Alimfresh Pty Ltd

All Trades Queensland Pty Ltd

Alpha Services Australia Pty Ltd

Alpha Nursing

Ararat Abattoirs Pty Ltd

Ararat Abattoirs Pty Ltd

Atlas Steels Pty Ltd

Atlas Steels

B. & J. Catalano Pty Ltd

B&J Catalano

Bachy Soletanche Australia Pty Ltd


Balfours Bakery Pty Ltd

San Remo Macaroni Company Pty Ltd

Baycorp (Australia) Pty Ltd

Baycorp Holdings Pty Ltd

Beak & Johnston Pty Ltd

Beak & Johnston Holdings Pty Ltd

Berri Hotel Incorporated

Berri Resort Hotel

Bindaree Beef Pty Limited

Bindaree Beef

Bing Lee Electrics Pty Ltd

Borg Corporate Property Services Pty Ltd

Bretts Pty Limited

Nutting Investments Pty Ltd

Bulk Frozen Foods Pty. Ltd.

Caelli Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd

B. & P. Caelli Holdings Pty Limited

Cannon Hill Services Pty Ltd

Australian Country Choice Holdings Pty Ltd

Carla Zampatti Pty Limited

Carla Zampatti Pty Limited

Carla Zampatti Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd

Casual Dining Concepts (Trading) Pty Limited

Bondi Pizza Bar and Grill

Cerebos (Australia) Limited

Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland

Clarendon Corporate Services Pty Limited

CFT Holdings Company Pty Limited

Community Newspaper Group Limited

News Limited

Commvault Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd

CPC Engineering Pty Ltd

Crown Worldwide (Aust) Pty Limited

Crown Relocations

Darlot Mining Company Pty Ltd

Red 5 Limited

E & A Limited

E. C. Birch Proprietary Ltd

Birch Haberdashery and Craft

ECL Group Australia Pty Ltd

ECL Group

Enrich Living Pty Ltd

Enrich Living Services

RACWA Holdings Pty Ltd

EVZ Limited

F. R. Ireland Pty Ltd

Irelands of Cairns

Fircroft Australia Pty Ltd

Focus on Furniture Pty Ltd

Focus on Hire & Commercial

Focus on Furniture and Bedding

Focus on Sleep

Melbourne Furniture Depot

Focus on Furniture

Form 700 Pty Ltd

Form 700 Holdings Pty Ltd

Fredon Industries Pty Limited


G4S Compliance & Investigations Pty Ltd

MJM Corporate Risk Services

G4S International Holdings Ltd

Gateway Lifestyle Employment

Services Pty Ltd

Gateway Lifestyle

Hometown Australia Management Pty Ltd

GD Mitchell Enterprises Pty Ltd

Mitchells Quality Foods Pty Ltd

Healthy Life Resources Pty Limited

Healthy Life Holdings Pty Limited

Hertel Modern Pty Ltd

Hertel Australia Holding Pty Ltd

Hosking's Jewellers Pty Ltd

Hospitality Employment Pty Ltd

Nicks Restaurant Group

Inspired Management Pty Ltd

IOR Terminals (Port Bonython) Pty Ltd

Janagrom Nominees Pty Ltd

Morgans Supermarkets

JMR Management Consultancy Services Pty Ltd

Juicy Isle Proprietary Limited

The Myer Family Investments Pty Ltd

KAEFER Integrated Services Pty Ltd

Kelly Family Trust

McDonald's Kew

Kellyco Restaurants Pty Ltd

McDonald's Chapel Street

McDonald's Elsternwick

McDonald's Malvern East

McDonald's Ormond

McDonald's St Kilda Road

McDonald's Holmesglen

Kennards Storage Management Pty Ltd

Kennards Self Storage

Linkforce Hire Pty Ltd

Linkforce Corporation

Macquarie Health Corporation Ltd

Madill No 1 Pty Ltd

Mainbrace Constructions Pty Ltd

Maintenance Systems Solutions Pty Ltd

MAXAM Australia Pty Ltd

Metro Property Development Pty Ltd

MSP Engineering Pty Ltd

Multiple Sclerosis Society Of Queensland (MS Queensland)

MS Queensland

Nasdaq Pty Ltd


Nobul Trades Pty Ltd

NortonLifeLock Australia Pty Ltd


Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd

Nursing Group Pty Ltd

The Casey College

Lifestyle Directions Counselling

Ocean Capital Pty Ltd

Ostwald Bros Pty Ltd

Ostwald Bros

Parkside Holdings Pty Ltd

Port Hunter Conveyors Pty Ltd

President Private Hospital Pty Limited

Macquarie Health Corporation Ltd

Pronto Software Pty Ltd

Prysmian Australia Pty Limited

Reading Entertainment Australia Pty Limited

Regional Publishers Pty Ltd

Remediation Rectification Works Pty Ltd

Hertel Australia Holding Pty Ltd

Rohanna Pty Ltd Atf The Skippers Unit Trust

John Hughes Group

Romaly Holdings Pty Ltd

Jim Pearson Transport

San Remo Macaroni Company Pty Ltd

Sargents Pty Ltd

Allen Group Holdings Pty. Ltd.

Sesame Lane PTY LTD

Sesame Lane

Sibelco Australia Limited

Solstadfarstad Pty Ltd

Southern Suburbs Group Training Scheme

Apprenticeship & Traineeship Employment Partners

Sparfacts Pty Ltd

Speciality Mens Apparel Pty Ltd

Ed Harry Menswear

Supercharge Batteries Pty Ltd

Supercharge Batteries

Ramcar Australia & New Zealand

Tasmanian Freight Services Pty. Ltd.

Tas Freight

Tasmanian Redline Coaches Pty. Ltd.

Tasmania's own Redline

The Ethnic Communities Of Queensland Limited


Berlasco Court

The Trustee for Barbagallo Investments Trust


The Trustee for Beaujolais Unit Trust

APG and Co Pty Ltd

The Trustee for Bellivan Unit Trust

R A Bell & Company Pty Ltd

Bell Fire & Rescue

Modular Assembly

Bell Pumps

Bell Environmental

Bell's Pumps

The Trustee for Breakwater Island Trust

The Ville Resort-Casino

The Trustee For Colonial & Empire

Brewing Trust

The Trustee for C&F Commercial Discretionary Trust

Pauls Warehouse

The Trustee For Laurent Bakery Unit Trust

Laurent Bakery Pty Ltd

The Trustee for Marks Family Trust

Marks Group Industries

The Trustee For The Marshall Care Providers Trust

SACARE Lifestyle

Support Services

The Trustee for The Polaris Media Trust

Polaris Media Pty Ltd trading as

The Australian Jewish News

Manly Cove Unit Trust

The Trustee for The Wrightville

Services Trust

Jarvis Services

The Trustee for Ziday-Vom Family Trust

McDonald's Restaurant

Diamond Creek

McDonald's Restaurant Eltham

McDonald's Restaurant Greensborough

McDonald's Restaurant Greensborough Plaza

Vomday Pty Ltd

The West Australian Group Training Scheme Inc

TJM Products Pty Ltd

Aeroklas Australia Pty Ltd

Town Inn Pty Ltd

Miss Maud

Svea Pty Ltd