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Priority1: Increasing demand and the premium paid for all Australian wine

Target 1: The average price per litre for Australian bottled wine exports increases to a point where it is at or near the highest average price per bottle of our global competitors by key markets.

Target 1 is evaluated by tracking the average price per litre for Australian bottled wine exports in Australian dollars (A$) against that of the top five competitors in the key markets of China, USA, UK and Canada using trade data sourced from the Global Trade Atlas.

2019–20 target: The average price per litre for Australian bottled wine exports increases year-on-year from $6.24 in March 2019.

2019–20 result: The average price per litre for Australian bottled wine exports reached a record $7.08 per litre in the year ending June 2020, an increase of 8 per cent on the previous year and an increase of 44 per cent from $4.91, the average bottled price at the implementation of the five year Strategic Plan in July 2015.

Figure 5 illustrates Australia’s performance against Target 1, for simplicity the performance of Australia’s average bottled wine price has been ranked against the competitor nation with the nearest highest price in each market. As can be seen in each of the major markets with the exception of the UK, Australia has increased its average price per bottle and performed well against its nearest competitor. This is particularly apparent in relation to China.

Average Australian bottled wine prices compared with competitor nation average bottled wine price The image shows average Australian bottled wine prices with competitor nations. In China Australia receives 10.9 dollars per litre compared with France 6.76 dollars per litre, In the USA Australia receives 5.09 dollars per litre compared with Italy's 8.90 dollars per litre. In the UK Australia receives 4.6 dollars per litre compared with France which receives, on average 9.02 dollars per litre and in Canada Australia receives 7.66 dollars per litre against 10.92 dollars per litre received by US wine

While Target 1 relates to bottled average value, the value of Australian unpackaged wine exports increased by 8 per cent over the previous year to $1.31 per litre (FOB). As Figure 6 illustrates a consistent positive trend since 2016–17. At the end of June 2015 – the start of the Strategic Plan period – the unpackaged wine price was an average of $0.95 per litre. The price has increased by 38 per cent over the five years to June 2020.

Unpackaged and bottled wine average price trends The chart shows that unpackage wine's average value declined from 2000 to 2010 and has been on an upward incline since 2017 at the same time bottled wines declined, but to a lesser degree and then increased steeply from 2013

The increase in values for bottled and unpackaged wines have been reflected in increased wine grape prices, as illustrated in Figure 7.

Average export price and winegrape price over time The chart shows that average export price and grape prices are strongly linked. As exports fell from 2000 to 2011 winegrape prices fell in parallel and exports have been rising again since 2014 grape prices have risen