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Compliance Index

The page numbers referred to here can be found in the PDF of the Wine Australia Annual Report 2019–20 which can be downloaded from https://www.wineaustralia.com/about-us/performance-and-reporting .

The Annual Report must be prepared by the Directors of Wine Australia in accordance with section 38 of the Wine Australia Act 2013, section 46 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act), the PGPA Rule 2014 and the Funding Agreement 2015–2019.

Wine Australia Funding Agreement 2015-19

Contribution to the implementation of relevant Industry sector and cross-sectoral strategies under the RD&E Framework

7, 10, 47, 48

The rationale for the mix of projects included in the Balanced Portfolio


Report on research extension activities

642-57 Appendix 1

Collaboration with industry and other research providers

7, 10, 40, 42-54

Identify sources of income including separate identification of the Levy, the Charge, Commonwealth Matching Payments and other form of income including Voluntary Contributions

13, 83 Financial Statements

Full cost of R&D and other activities with costs being allocated in accordance with the Cost Allocation Policy

13, 24-27

Progress in implementing strategic plan including progress against the plan’s KPIs


Bring the KPIs for each program in the strategic plan and AOP together and demonstrate how the deliverables funded advanced the outcomes


Assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of investments


Progress in implementing the Guidelines

‘Guidelines’ for the 2019-20 Annual Report are the Rural RD&E Priorities, the Science and Research Priorities and the Levy Principles and Guidelines in relation to the introduction of new levies or changes to existing levies (if applicable).


Consultation with the ROs on plans and activities

7, 14

Other relevant matters notified to Wine Australia by the Commonwealth by 30 June


Wine Australia Act 2013

Particulars of a Minister’s direction and any impact of the direction on the operations of the Authority


A report on the operations of the Geographical Indications Committee and set out all final determinations and translations of such indications made by the Committee


Grape or wine R&D activities coordinated or funded, wholly or partly during the period

App 1

The amount spent in relation to each of those activities

App 1

Which of those activities related to ecologically sustainable development (if any)-


The impact of those activities on the grape industry and wine industry


Agreements entered into under section 10A and/or 10B and the activities during the period in relation to agreements entered into under that section

App 1

The making of grants under section 10C

P 98 and Highlighted rows in App I indicate grants to state government research organisations

Activities in relation to applying for patents for inventions, commercially exploiting patented inventions and granting licences under patented inventions


Activities of any companies which Wine Australia has an interest


Any activities relating to the formation of a company


Significant acquisitions and dispositions of real property (land and buildings)


Assessment of the extent to which Wine Australia’s operations during the period have

- achieved the Authority’s objectives as stated in its strategic plan

- implemented the AOP applicable to the period

18-23, 36-63

Assessment of the extent to which Wine Australia has contributed to the attainment of the objects of the Wine Australia Act

Entire report

Information from its Geographical Indications Committee on its operations


Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013

Include a copy of the annual performance statements


Include a copy of the annual financial statements and the Auditor‑General’s report

83 Financial Statements

The annual report must comply with any requirements prescribed by the rules


Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014

Report must be approved and signed by accountable authority and include details of how and when approval was given and state that accountable authority is responsible for the preparation and contents of the Annual Report (as required in section 46 of the PGPA Act and in accordance with the Finance Minister’s Orders)


Report must comply with the guidelines for presenting documents to the Parliament.

Entire report

Report must be constructed having regard to the interests of the Parliament and other users. Information included in the report must be relevant, reliable, concise, understandable and balanced

Entire report

Report must specify the enabling legislation and include a summary of its objects and functions and the purpose of the entity (from R&D Plan)

12, 13, 66 79-81

Report must specify the name and title(s) of the responsible Minister(s) during the period


Report must provide details of:

- Directions issued under legislation by the responsible Minister, or other Minister

- General policy orders (GPO) that apply to the RDC under s22 (PGPA Act)-


Report must provide particulars of any non‑compliance of a direction or GPO


Include a copy of relevant years annual performance statement (PGPA Act s39(1)(b) and section 16F of PGPA Rule 2014)


Include a statement of any significant issue, and remedy action taken, reported to the responsible Minister under s 19(1)(e) of the PGPA Act that relates to non‑compliance with the finance law in relation to the entity.


Must include information about the directors including names, qualifications, experience, attendance of board meetings, and whether the director is an executive or non-executive director


Must provide an outline of the organisational structure, including subsidiaries*, location of major activities and facilities and information on the main corporate governance practices.

66, 76

Must include information on the main corporate governance practices

66, 72-74

Disclose the decision-making process undertaken by the board for related entity transactions


Highlight significant activities and changes that affected the operations or structure during the financial year

6-13, 28-29

Include particulars of judicial decisions and, decisions of administrative tribunals


Include particulars of any report on the entity by the Auditor-General (other than audit of financial statements - s43 PGPA Act), Parliamentary Committee, Commonwealth Ombudsman or Office of the Australian Information Officer.


Unable to obtain information from a subsidiary


Must include details of any indemnity given to the accountable authority, any member of accountable authority or officer against a liability, including premiums paid, or agreed to be paid, for insurance against the authority, member or officer’s liability for legal costs


Must provide an index identifying where the requirements of s17BE are to be found.

App 4