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A balanced portfolio

In developing our Strategic Plan, Wine Australia conducted extensive consultations with our stakeholders. We sought to engage with the whole Australian grape and wine community so that everyone had the opportunity to contribute. Special efforts were made to ensure that the views of grapegrowers and winemakers around the country were heard, and there was an impressive level of engagement by stakeholders.

To identify key research and marketing priorities:

  • face-to-face meetings were held with the Wine Grape Growers Association Board and Executive, the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia Board and Executive (these organisations merged in February 2019 to create AGW), the Department of Agriculture, a number of the top 20 wine producers, AWRI, and grapegrowers and winemakers in the Riverland, Murray Valley, Riverina and broader NSW
  • facilitated workshops were conducted with RD&E providers, the Future Leaders Alumni, state and regional association representatives and Innovation Policy Committee members, and
  • we invited written submissions and received 60 identifying future priorities and suggested areas of focus.

We have used the strategic research priorities of the Australian Government and the Australian grape and wine community to inform our investments. While we receive RD&E funding from two separate levies, we do not differentiate between viticultural and winemaking research as the distinction is artificial – viticultural research often has a winemaking outcome and winemaking research often requires viticultural input.

Instead, our value-chain approach to RD&E investments is aimed at increasing the sector’s long-term profitability and sustainability, which benefits all levy payers and the wider community.

Our investments range from both short- and long-term applied R&D to blue-sky research where success is less assured. We assess the likelihood of success and the extension and adoption potential of all RD&E project applications as part of the overall ranking of proposals.

We focus on extracting the full value of our investments in RD&E for the benefit of our levy payers, the Australian Government and the wider community.

The following charts and tables provide an overview of how our investments are allocated across project term, risk category, research type and geographical focus.

Investments by project term and risk category Image shows investment by project term Short less than 2 years 31 per cent or 1.6 million dollars Medium 2 to 4 years 33 per cent or 4 million dollars and long term that is greater than 4 years which comprise 36 per cent of the portfolio and 16.8 million dollars Also shows investment by risk type... low 32 per cent or 1.6 million dollars, medium, 44 per cent of 11.3 million dollars and high 24 per cent or 6.9 million dollars
Investment by research type and geographic focus Image shows investment by research type Extension 16 per cent and 3.4 million dollars, capability development 33 per cent of projects or 0.9 million dollars, Strategic 33 per cent and 12.1 million dollars or Adaptive 23 per cent and 6 million dollars