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We are committed to implementing best practice in corporate governance matters, and to ensuring that accountability, integrity, transparency and efficiency are reflected in our day-to-day operations. We place a strong emphasis on the importance of these values by ensuring that we:

  • Focus on project planning and the performance of key projects, and monitor contracts in line with best practice
  • Communicate openly with the Australian Government, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, and applicable regulatory bodies
  • Implement sound risk management policies and procedures, including rolling programs of risk assessment and risk planning.

Our governance framework ensures business operations comply with local and foreign legislation and enables strong commercial performance.

We assess the effectiveness and risk exposure of our governance framework through annual corporate and operational planning processes, quarterly business evaluations and an annual internal audit program. We also:

  • Scrutinise operations through internal and external audits, and check internal controls set out in organisational policies and procedures
  • Regularly review key governance documents such as the charters of our Board and the Audit and Finance Committee, the Delegation Instruments and Instructions, and our Code of Conduct
  • Provide regular training to Australian and overseas staff members in corporate governance
  • Carry out standard internal and external compliance reporting.

Governance framework 2019/20 The diagram shows the names of the legislation that Tourism Australia's executive and management are required to operate by, and the personnel responsible for this delivery.