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In 2019/20 we continued to align our organisational structure with our strategy to drive effective delivery of our remit, particularly as we endeavour to lead the reset of Australia’s tourism industry. Key areas of change were the establishment of a Strategy and Research team, consolidation of our industry development activities under Corporate Affairs, and the restructure of our international operations management department.

Senior manager appointments and departures, 2019/20



  • Phillipa Harrison, Managing Director
  • Bede Fennell, EGM Corporate Affairs
  • Rob Dougan, EGM Strategy and Research
  • Robin Mack, EGM Commercial
  • Andrew Hogg, EGM Eastern Markets and Aviation
  • Derek Baines, County Manager Japan
  • Agitya Nuraini, Country Manager Indonesia
  • Dana Ronan, General Manager Global Distribution Development and Partnerships
  • Anita Godbeer, General Manager PR, Content and Social
  • Karen Fitzgerald, General Manager Experiences

  • John O’Sullivan, Managing Director
  • Karen Halbert, EGM Corporate Affairs Government and Industry
  • Jenny Aitken, Country Manager New Zealand
  • Scott Walker, Country Manager Singapore and Indonesia
  • Joe Nakazawa, Country Manager Japan