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Energy and waste

Efforts to minimise our environmental impact continued in 2019/20. Key practices included:

  • Use of ‘follow-me’ printing on all photocopiers, reducing waste and photocopier paper expenses.
  • Decreasing our electricity footprint by continuing to replace aging monitors.
  • Using double-sided printing and copying as the default setting on all printers and photocopiers and sourcing office copy paper from sustainably managed plantations.
  • Installing paper and waste recycling for office supplies and consumables in workspaces and kitchen areas.
  • Ensuring contract cleaners check that recyclable materials are not contaminated by food waste.
  • Increased use of video-and web-conferencing systems across all offices, particularly in the latter quarters of 2019/20 when travel restrictions were introduced. This lowered energy consumption and helped offset carbon emissions that would have been generated by staff travel.

Our head office is situated in the MidCity complex at 420 George Street in Sydney. The building has an unassisted five-star National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) rating and a five-star Green Star rating. All lighting in the head office is activated by motion sensors, with a timing function set at the lowest workable level.