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COVID-19 response and recovery plans

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, all activity across distribution, partnerships and marketing communications was reviewed and modified to deliver initiatives aimed at maintaining appropriate engagement with international customers, supporting industry and working on key recovery projects to optimally position Australia throughout crisis recovery and into the new normal.

BEA’s global brand campaign was reworked into a content-led strategy that utilised paid partnerships and social media to continue to keep Australia in mind as a business events destination. With traditional distribution activity paused, focus was given to developing market insights and engaging industry, along with developing virtual strategies to maintain customer engagement. In addition, the Advance Program was reviewed ahead of its 2020/21 launch to increase flexibility and accessibility for industry to aid recovery.

Additional recovery projects include: the development of a new creative strategy and brand assets; a review of BEA websites; social media strategies nuanced for both eastern and western markets; and the development of new selling tools and customer toolkits.