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Overnight spend by travellers

$96.34 billion

(-21%) A

Spend by international travellers

$33.3 billion

(-25%) A

Number of international visitors to Australia

6.7 million

(-28%) B

Partnership marketing revenue contributed by tourism industry

$34.6 million

(-33%) C

Business Event Bid Fund

31 bids converted

$278 million economic impact D

Stakeholders’ satisfaction with our work


(+2%) E

Stakeholder NPS


(+16) E

Unique visitors to australia.com

14 million

(-21%) F

Fans of Tourism Australia’s Facebook page

facebook.com/SeeAustralia, facebook.com/AustraliaJP, facebook.com/ILikeAustralia

8.9 million

(+6%) G

Instagram followers

@Australia, @Australia.JP, @businesseventsaustralia

4.4 million

(+16%) G

Twitter followers

@Australia, @TourismAus, @MeetinAustralia, @GoAustralia (JP)

0.8 million

(+15%) G

Weibo followers

1.4 million

(+11%) G

Staff engagement


(+6%) H

Staff NPS


(+21) H

Corporate costs as a percentage of total expenditure


(+1.8%) I

Gender diversity, male: female

30% male: 70% female

(maintained) J

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