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With love from Aus

With much of Australia and the world in lock-down and restrictions in place to protect communities from COVID-19, it was a challenging and complicated time for the tourism industry.

Recognising the doubts around a ‘return to normal’ and the fragility and difficulties faced by Australia’s tourism industry, it was important to maintain Australia’s presence as a tourism destination but with the appropriate tone and messaging. To respond to this, we moved to focus our efforts on inspiring Australians and our target customers internationally, to dream and plan their future holidays, providing positivity amidst considerable uncertainty.

In the form of two domestic and international television commercials, With love from Aus was a heartfelt message to the world that our beautiful country and its people would be ready to welcome visitors with open arms when the time was right. The With love from Aus social edit achieved a reach of 117 million globally and was in the top three ‘most emotionally engaging coronavirus campaigns’, as rated by video marketplace Unruly