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Matesong was Tourism Australia’s activation of the philausophy of mateship, launched in the UK in December 2019.

A musical outstretching of the hand to Britain, the campaign featured a song and film that acknowledged the tough year experienced by Brits due to Brexit, but with a tongue in cheek message, reminding them that they could always ‘pop round’ and visit their mates in Australia for a good time and a laugh.

Written by Australian songwriter Eddie Perfect, performed by Kylie Minogue, and featuring cameos by Adam Hills, Shane Warne, the Aboriginal Comedy All Stars, Ash Barty and Ian Thorpe, Matesong was advertised as a ‘message from Kylie and mates’ during the ‘announce’ phase of the campaign from 10 December 2019. The objective of this phase was to build awareness of the message, creating excitement and anticipation for the ad, which launched just before the Queen’s Christmas speech – a moment of high viewership and relevance.

At 2.55 pm on Christmas Day 2019, the ‘perform’ phase went live with the three-minute spot airing across TV, digital and social, with digital placements, print, cinema, out of home and a PR plan rolling out for maximum reach. Following the launch, planning was in place to drive the consumer down the purchase funnel to the ‘explore’ phase of the campaign that featured locations, experiences, and lyrics of Kylie’s invitation to inspire consideration for Australia.

However, following the successful launch, media was paused on 31 December 2019 due to the worsening bushfires and subsequent impacts on consumer perceptions of Australia as a holiday destination. At this point, the ‘announce’ and ‘perform’ elements of the campaign had run in full, and 30 per cent of the ‘explore’ phase had run. The decision was then made to discontinue the campaign, with our media agency UM recovering/deferring unspent media.

Although the campaign did not run in full, the lead indicators of engagement, views, equivalent advertising value (EAV) and positive sentiment suggest that Matesong was strategically and creatively set up for success.

Matesong campaign results




Media Unique reach

96.2% ABC1 adults

While the TV campaign was only live for a week, we reached a large proportion of our audience, hitting 49.5% 1+ ABC1 aduls and 55.8% 1+ adults. The ‘perform’ phase three-minute and 60-second spots were viewed by 14.3 million adults on Christmas Day, exceeding target by 5 per cent.

Unique Visitors


168,999 – target could have been achieved if the full campaign had run.


300,000 social comments, reactions, shares

Over 320,000 engagements across page posts of the three-minute video.

(231,000 on Facebook, 62,000 on Instagram, 29,000 on Twitter).


$20 million

$41 million

Campaign partner leads

25,000 – 40,000

680 limited leads were achieved as conversion assets did not go live. The ‘explore’ phase was due to go live two days after the campaign was paused.