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Come live our Philausophy

In 2019/20, we had planned an evolution of our There’s nothing like Australia global brand campaign, as part of a move to elevate the strengths of Australia’s people, personality, and way of life that research insights found resonated with our target customers.[1] Marketing activities were to be undertaken across multiple channels to inspire consumers to visit Australia and included partnership activity with STOs and commercial partners. Activity was to span social media, content, digital, brand advertising, public relations, promotions, events, and advocacy programs.

Underpinning this shift was the launch of our global campaign platform, Come Live our Philausophy, which invited the world Down Under to experience our uniquely Australian way of life. A deliberately Australian play on words, Philausophy aimed to capture the philosophy of Australians and their informal approach to living. Nine philausophies were created to describe the essence of the Australian spirit, encapsulate the Australian way of life and share what differentiates us from the rest of the world. These philausophies are outlined in table 6.

A suite of creative assets was developed for the campaign including new images from each state and territory, a series of industry videos, bespoke social content and a refresh of our digital platforms (including australia.com and australia.cn).

The campaign launched in October 2019, at an industry and media event with global ambassador, actor Chris Hemsworth. Following the launch, the campaign was to roll-out across our international markets, with the first being Matesong in the UK.

However, just as we were poised to roll-out our first Philausophy campaign - Matesong - Australia experienced one of its worst bushfire seasons on record, with many communities across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia losing their homes and livelihoods and significant loss to wildlife. Recognising the time was not right or appropriate to be marketing holidays to Australia, the global brand campaign was paused in early January 2020, and our focus moved to supporting recovery efforts for Australia’s tourism industry.

[1] Tourism Australia, Consumer Demand Research (2019): 73% of target customers find the Australian way of life appealing and 82% would like to travel to Australia to experience it for themselves.

The Philausophies underpinning the Come live our Philausophy campaign

The philausophy

How it’s lived

What it means

Balanced Lifestyle

Work-life balance

Australians value hard work and getting stuff done but they have fun along the way and always take time to enjoy life. 


A stranger is a mate you haven’t met yet

Australians are welcoming, open and curious - to them strangers are just ‘mates’ they haven’t met yet.  


Have a story to tell

Australians love to have a chat and a laugh, but nothing beats a great story.

Love of nature

Shoes optional

Australians live an outdoor lifestyle. Surrounded by spacious landscapes, fresh air and one-of-a-kind wildlife, they value their connection to nature. 

‘No worries’ attitude

No worries

‘No worries’ is more than a saying, it’s an attitude. It’s a casual optimism, even in the midst of hardship, and is the key to Australian’s relaxed, carefree approach to life. 

Generosity of spirit

If you’ve got it good, share it

Australians are generous in spirit. They are always willing to lend a hand and share what we have. 

The Australian flavour

Savour the simple things

Drawing on their diverse cultures, Australians come together over a fusion of fresh produce and innovative approaches to making and sharing food.

Sense of adventure

Get off the beaten track

With a wide-open country to explore, Australians have a strong spirit of adventure that is central to their identity and way of life. 

Boundless optimism

Live like you mean it

An energetic and free-thinking attitude means Australians will give anything a try.