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Overall result: Key deliverables achieved.

Key achievements:

  • Delivering marketing across 15 international markets.
  • Re-entering domestic marketing, with temporary bespoke campaign activity to support the recovery of the Australian tourism industry by promoting holidaying at home.
  • Remaining flexible and nimble in our marketing approaches, adapting and delivering marketing communications to support industry recovery.
  • Working with partners in co-operative marketing campaigns that helped deliver $34.6 million in partnership marketing revenue to bolster marketing efforts.
  • Generating more than 41,000 pieces of content via our public relations, media and influencer-hosting activities that had an equivalent advertising value of $394 million.
  • Working with high-profile opinion leaders through the Friends of Australia program to promote Australian destinations and experiences. This generated media with an equivalent advertising value of $24.7 million.
  • Attracting 14 million unique visitors to australia.com (down 21 per cent year on year), with the reduction in visitors due to the pause in campaign activity due to COVID-19.
  • Increasing social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and WeChat from 15.73 million in 2018/19 to 15.97 million in 2019/20 (up 2 per cent year on year) and launching activity on RED in China.
  • Working with industry to promote quality Australian experiences through the Signature Experiences of Australia program, and supporting recovery efforts following the bushfire crisis.
  • Delivering the Consumer Demand Project in partnership with STOs, which provides a shared foundation from which to develop future campaigns.
  • Undertaking a design refresh across our owned platforms to leverage the Philausophy brand campaign, including new typography, layouts and photography styles and translation of over 700 pages of content into eight languages.
  • Designing and delivering an interactive ‘bushfires map’ to show the true impact of the fires, providing a source of truth in response to significant misinformation about the extent of bushfires across global media.
  • Providing a ‘travel status’ map to assist travellers and industry to navigate travel restrictions and the reopening of state and territory borders as a result of COVID-19.