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Review of operations and future prospects

The functions of the Land Council are described at Section 23 of the enabling legislation and refer to the good management, protection, and development of land pursuant to the express wishes of those who own the land, having regard to the opinions of others who also live on that land. Timeliness, resource allocation, and priority protection mandates are also provided at Section 23AA.

To implement the functions of the Land Council with increased efficiency and efficacy, training has been identified as strategic development, focus on corporate governance, financial management, and statutory legislation and regulations interpretation.

Land Council will continue the well-respected natural resource management of the Tiwi Islands, along with any negotiations pertaining to exploration licence applications, petroleum exploration permit applications and section 19 leases with traditional owners and interested businesses.

In 2020-2021 it is anticipated that the Tiwi private economy will employ increased Tiwi’s in real jobs, creating income streams on investments. The Land Council looks forward to assisting these enterprises in accordance with section 23(ea) of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976.

We are entering a new phase, with the Executive Management Committee setting a strong foundation for the future direction of the Tiwi Land Council. With appointments of land council members under the method of choice due by mid-December 2020, there is a potential of changes in the composition to the Executive Management Committee.