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The Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements

The Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements (Wood Review) was commissioned by the Australian Government in response to the growing global threat to the integrity of sport. Recognising a fair, safe and strong sport sector, free from corruption, is inherently valuable to sports participants, sporting organisations and the 14 million Australians who participate in sport annually.

The Report of the Wood Review was presented to the Australian Government in March 2018. In line with its terms of reference, the Review addresses key domestic and international threats to the integrity of sport and made 52 recommendations across 5 key themes:

  1. A stronger national response to match-fixing
  2. Australian Sports Wagering Scheme
  3. Enhancing Australia’s anti-doping capability
  4. A National Sports Tribunal
  5. A National Sports Integrity Commission.

The Australian Government released its response to the Wood Review on 12 February 2019. The key pillars of the government approach are:

A National Sports Integrity Commission – Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia brought together the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU) and the national sports integrity functions of Sport Australia. Sport Integrity Australia supports all sports integrity stakeholders to manage the range of existing and emerging integrity-related issues. Establishing the agency provides a single Commonwealth centre of coordination and point of reference for all stakeholders, right across the sports integrity spectrum.

National Sports Tribunal

The new National Sports Tribunal (NST) hears anti-doping rule violation matters and other sports-related disputes in a cost-effective, efficient, independent and transparent way, with the power to call evidence from relevant parties. The refinement of the NST is being conducted, allowing for the development of capability against demand and improved operations and services.

Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (Macolin Convention)

The Australian Government signed the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (Macolin Convention) – the only multilateral treaty aimed at combatting match-fixing and related corruption in sport. Ultimately, becoming a party to the Macolin Convention will support national match-fixing criminal legislation to complement similar laws where they exist within the states and territories. It will also bring consistency in the national ability to protect sport from wagering-related corruption.

Enhanced anti-doping and criminal intelligence capabilities

Anti-doping and criminal intelligence capabilities will be accelerated to protect sport from doping, sports betting-related corruption and other threats and risks to the integrity of sport.

Reforming sports wagering to protect the integrity of sport

The government will continue to build on the work of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (Sports Betting Integrity Unit) by bringing together all stakeholders to consistently and proactively detect and respond to wagering related match-fixing, which continues to expand globally along with the growth of illegal wagering. It will issue alerts and ensure law enforcement and/or sports organisation response where corruption may be indicated.