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How we measure success

  • Ensuring SBS delivers on Charter and Purpose
  • Maintaining relevance on traditional broadcasting platforms
  • Growing consumption on SBS digital platforms
  • Managing the transition to a digital SBS audience base
  • Improving the share of funding from commercial revenue
  • Growing staff engagement and collaboration to maximise business outcomes

Details of SBS’s performance against its key performance indicators in 2019-20 are found in the Annual Performance Statement section of this report.

Our Four-Year Strategic Journey (2019-20 focus)

Under the five core areas that form the framework of the four-year Strategic Journey, SBS identified the following significant activities for 2019-20 to deliver on the organisation’s strategic goals and objectives.

SBS inspires all Australians to explore, respect and celebrate our diverse world and in doing so, contributes to a cohesive society.

1. Engaged Audiences

‘Deep audience engagement on all platforms

  • Developing the next iteration of our Digital Acceleration Plan, with dual focus on audience engagement and technical development
  • Deliver on audience needs, through a broad and deep audience understanding that informs our activities, derived from data and analytics.
  • Providing an excellent audience experience across all platforms to drive engagement and consumption
  • Improving our capabilities in search and personalisation, and the distinctiveness of our services alongside our distinctive content

2. Distinctive Network

‘Showcasing Australia’s Diversity’

  • Exploring, respecting and celebrating diversity in all its forms is central to our content activities, especially via culturally and linguistically diverse content to our TV, radio and digital audiences
  • Engaging Australians through unparalleled and distinctive multicultural and Indigenous stories
  • Having impact by raising awareness on key issues, challenging perceptions and creating the environment for meaningful discussion
  • Maintaining and harnessing trust in SBS through a continued focus on appropriate editorial practices

3. Inspired Communities

'It’s all about our communities’

  • Activating, supporting and extending our content with key community groups and audiences
  • Partnering with our many communities to understand key issues and perspectives and help tell their important stories
  • Identifying industry partnerships that improve the depth and breadth of SBS’s community impact and contribute to a cohesive society.
  • Developing cornerstone activities that help to define SBS and our services with the wider Australian community

4. Great Business

‘Best-in-class operations’

  • As we are small in our industry, this is about being smarter, faster and better – continuing to reduce our cost base and cycle times
  • Best-in-class operational cost base, best-in-class operational processes, with globally unique deals
  • Continuing to explore opportunities to redesign our operations within the broader industry, differentiating where it matters and partnering with others in their areas of strength
  • Ensuring our operations maintain the trust of our audiences and stakeholders

5. Great People; Great Culture

‘I’m hearing great things about working at SBS’

  • Our strong focus on our people and our culture is ‘how’ we are going to succeed and what will help us to deliver the other four strategic pillars
  • Getting great people, giving them a great working environment and helping them to work together
  • Evolving our already leading culture, with a focus on becoming a truly values-driven organisation
  • Being a model employer in respect of a diverse and inclusive workplace