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Content Broadcast, Technology & Distribution


Performance Criterion


FY19-20 Target

FY19-20 Actual


  Maintaining and improving the availability of SBS’s digital transmissions

  Extending the reach of SBS’s digital network

(See Great Business; Appendices 11, 13)

Population reach - Digital transmission sites (including VAST Satellite)

Program 1.2, 2019-20 Portfolio Budget Statements

SBS 2019-20 Corporate Plan



Target met.

Availability of digital television transmission services (fully managed services)*



Target exceeded.

Population reach for terrestrial services (excluding satellite)



Target met.

Availability of Radio transmission services (fully managed services)**



Target exceeded.

  Cost-effective delivery of transmission and distribution services

Transmission and Distribution expenditure as % of total operating expenditure

SBS 2019-20 Corporate Plan



Target exceeded.

*Based on contracted availability which excludes planned maintenance and infrastructure upgrade outages.

** Analog radio transmission only.

Through broadcast and narrowcast distribution of content, SBS sought to reach and engage as many Australians as possible with content which reflects the SBS Charter. By innovative deployment of technology and the smart use of capability partners, SBS ensured efficiency and cost-effectiveness in broadcast capabilities.

SBS delivered on its goals for 2019-20, achieving all of its performance targets as set out in the 2019-20 Portfolio Budget Statement and SBS 2019-20 Corporate Plan. SBS continued to implement broadcast, technology and distribution solutions that enabled the effective and efficient delivery of this function.

SBS is the only Australian broadcaster to transmit three high definition channels, being SBS HD, SBS VICELAND HD and SBS World Movies. SBS World Movies is a new free-to-air channel which commenced broadcasting on 1 July 2019.

For more examples and information, see Our Diverse Offering and Great Business.