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A highly engaged workforce

Employee Engagement Survey

SBS’s annual Employee Engagement Survey showed a strong engagement result of 83 per cent, positioning the broadcaster ahead of the overall national average (74 per cent) and the global media and creative industry average (72 per cent), placing SBS within the top 25 per cent of companies in Australia.

In that same survey, 86 per cent of SBS employees believe SBS provides a supportive culture for employees from diverse backgrounds and 94 per cent of SBS employees say they are proud to work for SBS. Whilst these are strong results, there is always room for improvement.

Values-led Leadership

SBS award winning leadership model, It’s How We Lead has supported the continuous leadership growth of SBS people leaders for over three years. The model is underpinned by defined behaviours which leaders are measured against as part of the annual Employee Engagement Survey and supported by several flagship development offerings each year.

In 2019-20 SBS launched It’s How We Lead 2.0, an evolution of the leadership model which more explicitly aligned leadership behaviours and learning objectives with SBS’s organisational values. This new model was designed in consultation with senior people leaders, endorsed by the Executive Committee and a new set of leadership behaviours will be baselined in the October 2020 engagement pulse survey from which future targets for leadership growth will be set.

Performance Process

All employees have a personal Focus work plan which establishes clear goals aligned to team, divisional and organisational objectives, as well as personal career goals. Managers are required to conduct regular conversations with individual team members which, combined with more formal check-ins, are the basis for SBS’s annual performance cycle. This process ensures an open dialogue and ongoing feedback to strengthen performance, employee engagement and career development.