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Broadcast Operations

SBS’s Broadcast Operations team is responsible for all television and radio studio operations, overseeing everything that goes to air and all internal infrastructure engineering. In 2019-20, the team completed several initiatives, as well as maintaining business-critical operations, while adhering to additional strict protocols due to COVID-19. Highlights include:


  • Deployed a build of new infrastructure and state-of-the-art LED lighting in Studio 2 in Sydney, resulting in a reduction heat and power draw by up to 70 per cent, along with high degrees of operational and production capability for all productions.
  • Used full augmented reality to build broadcast graphics for SBS’s Eurovision 2020 – Big Night In!, which was seen around the globe.
  • Supported NITV’s coverage of January 26 with multiple outdoor broadcasts.


  • Facilitated broadcast-quality headsets and interface equipment to support SBS Radio on-air broadcasters to deliver programs while working from home due to COVID-19, allowing appropriate physical distancing across language teams.
  • Completed the Radio Traffic System Improvement Review, to review existing workflow and systems used for advertising on Radio channels, identify pain points and propose improvements.