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Technology highlights and system enhancements

In 2019-20, SBS Technology maintained high levels of momentum, with innovative and agile thinking underpinning priorities and delivery in an ever-changing technical and social landscape. The team delivered several high-impact, business-critical projects, while supporting major product development initiatives and improvements in workflows across the business, overcoming additional challenges during the last quarter of the year due to COVID-19.

  • Moved quickly to roll out a new Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for SBS employees, allowing multi-factor authentication and access to multiple key systems while working away from the office, with as many as 750 employees working remotely on any given day.
  • Technical and operational implementation of the first Australian free-to-air audio description service, with a public launch in June 2020 on SBS (HD and SD) and SBS VICELAND, to improve the accessibility of SBS content.
  • Technology Data Strategy – implementation of a new Data Management Platform (DMP), allowing SBS to better understand audiences and provide more relevant content.
  • Digital ad insertion and VOD assets being turned around within 30 minutes for SBS World News
    • This project included the implementation of Live2Vod, a workflow that improved the process for converting a stream into a video on demand asset, to make it available for multiple SBS products, including SBS On Demand, SBS World News, The World Game and Tour de France apps. The turnaround time was reduced from about eight hours to under 30 minutes. The video on demand asset created was also ready to support dynamic ad insertion.
  • Launch of SBS 24/7 live streaming on the SBS On Demand platform.
  • Further strengthening of SBS cybersecurity controls through the launch of a vulnerability management scanning tool, user training and awareness campaigns, and improved IT governance.
  • Facilitated multiple upgrades to SBS’s Media Asset Management (MAM) environment to continue to drive new workflows across the solution.
  • FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™ – world-class experience provided across platforms with over 38 hours of broadcast television, 39 hours of live streaming and 2.4 million unique browsing experiences for The World Game.
  • Launched new and redesigned websites including for SBS Radio and SBS Learn.