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Ongoing efficiency program

Over the five-year period up to 2019-20, SBS’s efficiency program has culminated in over $48 million of realised savings in 2019-20. These efficiencies have been generated through vigilant annual planning processes, workflow improvements, the renegotiation of supplier agreements, an evolved operating model utilising best-in-class technology solutions, and investment in a working environment that fosters agile practices and a highly-engaged workforce.

SBS has reinvested these efficiencies in the growth of its digital services and distinctive cross-platform content in line with its Charter, to educate, entertain and inform all Australians. Over the five-year period SBS has grown its digital consumption hours by 237 per cent, increased its metro share from 6.8 per cent to 8.7 per cent in a declining free-to-air market and grown investment in commissioned hours by over 70 per cent.