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3.3 Related Party Disclosures

3.3A Related party relationships

The Corporation is an Australian Government controlled entity. Related parties to the Corporation are Directors (executive or otherwise), key management personnel including Cabinet Ministers, the Portfolio Minister and other Australian Government entities.

3.3B Transactions with related parties

Given the breadth of Government activities, related parties may transact with the Government sector in the same capacity as ordinary citizens. Such transactions include the payment of goods and services taxes and fringe benefits taxes. Transactions between related parties are on normal commercial terms and conditions, which are no more favourable than those available to other parties. These transactions have not been separately disclosed in this note.

The following transaction with related parties occurred during the current financial year:

(i) In 2019 and 2018, the Corporation entered into agreements with two director-related entities, Goolarri Media Enterprises and Ramu Productions, for the production of specific programs. These entities are related to Dorothy West, a director of SBS. All services were provided at arm’s length for $27,005 (2018: $54,079).

Given consideration to relationships with related entities and transactions entered into during the reporting period by the Corporation, it has been determined that there are no other related party transactions to be separately disclosed.