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Content Commercialisation


Performance Criterion


FY18-19 Target

FY18-19 Actual


 Commercialisation of content to support delivery of Charter focused content

Own-source revenue

SBS 2018-19 Corporate Plan, p 24



Target exceeded.

*includes 2018 FIFA World Cup revenue

SBS’s commercial activities include SBS Media Sales, SBS In-Language translation services, subscription television business, and SBS’s Distribution and Inclusion training and consultancy businesses.

The primary purpose of SBS’s commercial activities is to generate positive returns across our network portfolio of channels and platforms, in order to reinvest in distinctive Charter-driven content for our audiences and marketing activities to support our content and community objectives.

Over the past 12-months, SBS’s commercial activities maintained their premium position in the free-to-air advertising market and delivered above-market television advertising growth while also increasing digital revenue.

(For more examples and information, see Consistent commercial growth in a challenging market environment).