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Collaborative ways of working

Digital Audience Council

SBS, in conjunction with external strategy design firm Mentally Friendly, embarked on a program to enhance collaboration within digital teams and improve cross-divisional working, digital fluency and the ability to deliver change at pace. A key outcome was the establishment of the Digital Audience Council. The Council, made up of representatives from throughout the organisation, aims to empower teams to better plan and prioritise workloads, create a shared measurement framework, and implement collaborative, transparent ways of working.

The Digital Audience Council was recognised at the 2019 International Good Design Awards, winning a ‘Good Design’ award for design strategy.


SBS hosts regular town hall style meetings delivered by the Managing Director and other leaders throughout the organisation. These sessions enable employees to learn more about SBS’s strategic objectives, how they are being delivered, and the challenges the organisation is facing, as well as an opportunity to raise issues and ask questions about organisational activities. Sessions are streamed and recorded, ensuring they are available to all employees, encouraging an organisation-wide forum to share information and celebrate team achievements. Divisionally, regular meetings are held by Directors to further discuss the teams’ work and recognise efforts of individuals and teams through formal and informal reward and recognition systems.

Cross Divisional Collaboration

SBS is focused on continuing to foster a collaborative working culture throughout the organisation, providing more opportunities for teams and individuals across different areas and disciplines to work together on the delivery of projects and priority programming, to achieve key organisational objectives.