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OzTAM + RegTAM FTA Database, SBS Network, Jul 2018-Jun 2019, Sun-Sat, 0200-0200, Combined 5min Cons Reach, Total Individuals, Consolidated 28.
Nielsen Digital Content Ratings – Monthly, Jul 2018-May 2019, All People 2+ unless otherwise stated, Content type = Text Only, Unique Audience.
Adobe Analytics, Jul 2018-Jun 2019, Unique Browsers + Unique Visitors + Registered Users.
SBS Brand Pulse, Jun 2019.
SBS internal users database; Jul 2017-Jun 2019.
Adobe Analytics; Jul 2018-Jun 2019; Video Total Chapter Views.
Adobe Analytics, Jul 2018-Jun 2019 + Jul 2017-Jun 2018, Monthly Average Unique Visitors, SBS Radio + SBS Language websites + Mobile Devices + Unique Visitors.
Adobe Analytics, Audio Play + Google Analytics, Jul 2018-Jun 2019, Total Events.
Feedpress, Jul 2018-Jun 2019, Unique Downloads.
Soundcloud, Spotify, Whooshkaa, TuneIn, Streamguys, Jul 2018-Jun 2019, listens/ stream starts. Feedpress Jul-Aug 2017 + May 2018-Jun 2018 + Jul 2018-Jun 2019, Podcast Downloads.
YouTube Analytics, Jul 2018-Jun 2019.
OzTAM; Video Player Measurement (VPM) report; ABC, SEVEN, NINE, TEN, SBS; Jul 2018-Jun 2019; Total devices; SBS free-to-air share of minutes viewed; excludes live streaming.
Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, April 2019, Category – News and Information, People 2+, Unique Audience.
Adobe Analytics (SBS Production); sbs.com.au and SBS On Demand, unique visitors Jul 2017-June 2018 + Jul 2018-June 2019.
Facebook Analytics, Jul 2018-Jun 2019.
Adobe Analytics, Jul 2018-Jun 2019 + Jul 2017-Jun 2018, Monthly Active Watchers.