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SBS Radio and Language Services

In 2018-19, SBS Radio and language content reached more Australians than ever before across digital platforms. An average of 3.3 million people engaged with SBS language and radio websites every month, including an almost 25 per cent increase in Australian-based audiences.

SBS Radio and language audiences are early adopters of new technology, consuming more and more content through smartphones. In 2018-19, SBS language users were one of the most mobile-centric audiences across the SBS network of websites. An average of 84 per cent of all language website content was viewed on a mobile device each month.

Audio content consumption grew in 2018-19, with nearly 3.3 million audio plays per month on average. Record numbers of SBS podcast episodes were downloaded by audiences, at an average of 1.5 million episodes each month – an increase of 25 per cent year on year. June 2019 set a new record with over 1.8 million episodes downloaded in a single month. The most popular SBS podcasts were SBS French, SBS Italian and SBS Spanish. SBS continues to identify and partner with third party platforms, such as Spotify, to help distribute podcast content and acquire new audiences.