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SBS served up a deliciously diverse food offerings, taking audiences on culinary journeys of cultures from Australia and across the world.

The Chefs’ Line – Season 2

The Chefs’ Line celebrates Australia’s diverse food culture, giving home cooks the chance to showcase their favourite cuisine as they take on the chefs’ line of professional chefs. Season 2 was warmly received by fans, with nearly 1.3 million Australians tuning in to season 2, drawn to its diverse cast, cuisine and down-to-earth approach.

SBS’s real food reality series has now screened in 20 countries around the world, including the UK, Canada, Finland, The Netherlands, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, The Maldives, Poland and The Philippines. It has been sold to Netflix and a further 35 Territories have optioned the show, with a local Dutch version screening on Fox Foods – Kitchen 24.

“This clever hybrid of serious food show and reality cook-off ditches the kitchen nightmares and themes of empowerments in favour of an enlightening insight into how chefs at the top of their game work.”
– ​Bridget McManus, Fairfax, August 19

Food Safari Water

Food Safari is one of SBS’s most well-known and beloved food franchises, hosted by Australian food favourite, Maeve O’Meara. Broadcast in August 2018, its twelfth season, Food Safari Water, was the latest, stimulating series that celebrated diverse seafood dishes from around the world, while also diving into the customs of catching and preserving fish, shellfish, crustaceans and sea vegetables. Food Safari Water showcased cuisines as diverse as Senegalese, Greek, Spanish, Peruvian, Lebanese, Turkish, Thai, English and Brazilian. According to surveys conducted by the SBS Exchange, it was the second most liked food program since 2017.

“O’Meara, who has steered Food Safari on the multicultural broadcaster since 2006, says that Australia’s abundance of cultures and fresh produce “is the best news story we have in this great nation”. It’s hard to disagree.”
– ​Justin Burke, The Australian, 26 July 2018

Destination Flavour China

Destination Flavour returned for its sixth season as host, Adam Liaw, embarked on a culinary journey through China’s past, present and future.

As China’s influence grows globally, this series was an opportunity to feature the Middle Kingdom in a new light, through the food and people of this ancient land. The history of China is intimately entwined with its cuisine and Destination Flavour China offered audiences a new understanding of this fascinating country.

"With every series of Destination Flavour, we try to go behind the curtain, using food as a tool to discover culture. Chinese cuisines have had more impact around the world than any other. It's without a doubt the most fascinating food culture on Earth.” – Adam Liaw