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Environmental regulation

Snowy Hydro’s operations are subject to environmental laws and regulations as well as project and site-specific environmental permits and approvals issued at the Federal, State and Local Government levels. These include the Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management and the Snowy Management Plan for operations within Kosciuszko National Park; Environmental Protection Licences and Authorisations applicable to each of Snowy Hydro’s generation facilities; and the Snowy Water Licence which prescribes rights and obligations with respect to the collection, diversion, storage, use and release of water within the Snowy Scheme and the release of environmental flows.

There were no environmental non-compliances resulting in regulatory action or intervention (such as infringement notices, penalties or official cautions) during the financial year. Snowy Hydro had some minor non-conformances that were not subject to regulatory action, and these were reported to the relevant regulator in line with Snowy Hydro’s licence conditions and internal processes.