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Indemnities and insurance for Directors and Officers

Under its Constitution, the Company must indemnify current and past Directors and Officers for any liability incurred by them as a Director or Officer of the Company or its related bodies corporate to the extent allowed under law. The Constitution also permits the Company to purchase and maintain a Directors and Officers’ insurance policy.

The Company has entered into agreements with current Directors and certain former Directors where they are indemnified from any loss, expense or damage in accordance with the terms and subject to the limits set by the Constitution.

The agreements stipulate that the Company will meet the full amount of any such loss, expense or damage, allowed under the law. The Company is not aware of any liability having arisen, and no claim has been made against the Company during or since the period ended 30 June 2019 under these agreements.

No indemnity has been granted to an auditor of the Company in their capacity as auditor of the Company, or any related body corporate.

During the year, the Company has paid premiums in respect of a contract insuring Directors, Company Secretary and other Officers against liabilities incurred in their capacity as Director or Officer, as the case may be, of the consolidated entity. The contract prohibits disclosure of the nature of the liabilities and the amount of the premium.