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12.5 Shared services and partnerships

Shared services

In 2018–19, the department continued to provide ICT and corporate shared services to the National Disability Insurance Agency and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The corporate suite of shared services includes procurement, assistive technology support, HR and payroll services, credit card management, accounts payable and receivable, travel, fleet management, records management, co‑located accommodation, and security services. The department also provided internet gateway services for eight other Commonwealth agencies.

Partnerships with Australian Government agencies

The department delivers payments and services on behalf of a wide range of Australian Government agencies. The department also supports collaboration between Commonwealth agencies through data exchange, shared expertise on customer-centric approaches and user testing, service delivery co‑design, corporate shared services, co-location, myGov and ICT infrastructure support, and the National Emergency Call Centre Surge Capability.

The department contributes to a number of whole-of-government transformation projects led by the Digital Transformation Agency. These include reviewing and modernising the myGov user experience and developing a whole-of-government digital identity solution.

More information on the payments and services the department delivers on behalf of the Australian Government is on its website at humanservices.gov.au

Partnerships with state and territory governments and other organisations

The department manages bilateral arrangements with state and territory government agencies and with some third-party organisations. These arrangements include services such as rent deduction, prison servicing, National Emergency Call Centre Surge Capability and shared premises arrangements.

International partnerships

The department administers formal social security agreements with 31 countries. These agreements outline the shared responsibility for social security coverage and entitlements when people move between the agreement countries. In the year to 30 June 2019, 79,100 people received an Australian pension under international agreements.