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Snapshot of the Department

$184 billion in payments $62.2 billion in health care payments Supporting 2.54 million* aged pensioners Facilitating Child Support payments for 1.2 million children Supporting 820,000* job seekers Supporting Families 1.4 million* Family Tax Benefit customers 178,700* Paid Parental Leave 91,700* Dad and Partner Pay Supporting 225,000* students Supporting 653,600* carers 25.6 million people enrolled in Medicare 66,000 customers helped face to face per day 207.7 million self service interactions 56.6 million online letters sent 50 million customers helped over the phone Extra Support when it is needed Almost 240,000 social work referrals Over 800,000 interpreter interactions held 2,203 financial information seminars for more than 56,400 participants 2.6 million advance payments Emergency Incidents Over 144,000 calls answered Over 110,000 claims completed Almost $121 million dollars issued * Approximate customer cohort as at June 2019