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5.3 People with disability

Disability Support Pension

The department delivers the Disability Support Pension (DSP) to people with a disability or medical condition that prevents them from working.

The DSP provides financial support to people who have a permanent disability or medical condition that stops them working 15 hours, or more, a week. To be granted DSP, a person must meet medical and non‑medical eligibility criteria.

Treating health professionals checklist

A new checklist is now available to support treating health professionals who are doing medical assessments for the DSP. The Claim for Disability Support Pension medical evidence checklist for treating health professionals form includes general information about medical eligibility requirements to support a claim for DSP.

People who are ill or injured and unable to work or look for work

Sickness Allowance provides a short‑term payment for people who are employed or self‑employed, or in some cases are full‑time students, who are temporarily unable to do their usual work or study due to a medical condition.

Mobility Allowance helps people with a disability, illness or injury who are unable to use public transport without substantial assistance to participate in approved activities by helping with transport costs.

Essential Medical Equipment Payment

The Essential Medical Equipment Payment is a yearly payment to help with energy costs to run medical equipment or medically required heating or cooling.

In 2018–19, 8,600 new claims for Essential Medical Equipment Payment were granted.