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Administrative support and advice

The Seacare Authority is not a body corporate and does not employ its own staff. To enable it to perform its functions and exercise its powers, section 72A of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) requires Comcare to provide the Seacare Authority with secretariat support and other assistance, and to make available to it the services of such members of Comcare’s staff as the Seacare Authority reasonably requires from time to time for the proper performance of its functions or exercise of its powers.

The Chairperson, as Accountable Authority of the Seacare Authority, delegates functions and powers to Comcare under the Seafarers Act and the PGPA Act. During 2020–21, the services that Comcare provided to the Seacare Authority were articulated through a cross-agency agreement.

Operating as the Seacare Secretariat, Comcare staff undertake the day-to-day regulatory functions of the Seacare Authority and provide policy, administrative and secretariat support. The Seacare Secretariat, under the direction of the Seacare Authority, is responsible for:

  • providing secretariat, policy and strategic support to the Seacare Authority
  • implementing decisions of the Seacare Authority
  • administering Seacare scheme legislation and monitoring how it operates
  • managing the annual appropriation to support the Seacare function
  • monitoring, and reporting on, Seacare scheme performance
  • preparing a corporate plan and an annual report to Parliament
  • reporting to the Minister
  • liaising and communicating with scheme stakeholders and other regulators
  • promoting the objectives of the Seacare scheme.

The Seacare Secretariat also has access to Comcare legal services, financial management services, communication services and corporate support to assist it to carry out its work.