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Annual Performance Statement 2019/20

This Annual Performance Statement is for s39(1)(a) of the PGPA Act for the 2019/20 financial year and accurately presents Screen Australia’s performance in accordance with s39(2) of the PGPA Act.


As set out in its Corporate Plan 2019–23, Screen Australia encourages quality, innovation and cultural value through programs that increase the ambitions, risk tolerance and diversity of Australian storytelling.

Screen Australia’s objects and functions according to its establishing legislation are set out in appendix 1.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are set out below from the 2019/20 Portfolio Budget Statement (PBS) and Screen Australia’s Corporate Plan (CP) 2019-2023.


PBS OUTCOME 1: Promote engaged audiences and support a creative, innovative and commercially sustainable screen industry through the funding and promotion of diverse Australian screen product.


The key results will be for creative individuals and businesses, through financial and other assistance, to make high-quality film, television, interactive entertainment, and other screen programs and for these programs to attract Australian and international audiences.


It is pleasing to note that all but one of Screen Australia’s KPIs were either met or exceeded in 2019/20.

A diversity of stories have been supported through development and production investments across a range of platforms that have resonated with audiences locally and internationally.

Online investment has been an area of focus for Screen Australia and in an increasingly fractured market it was great to see our online production, doubling the KPI of three online programs reaching at least one million viewers across all relevant platforms. Six programs met that target: Meta Runner, Parked, Rebooted, Australia’s Best Street Racer, Cancelled and 2121.

With an explosion of choice, Australians still sought out local stories on television, at the cinema and online. In January 2020, Screen Australia had 35 films, 29 feature documentaries, 14 TV shows, 27 TV documentaries, 10 children’s shows, 12 online series and 10 online documentaries in various stages of production or release.

However, by March 2020, COVID-19 had presented several unique challenges for the industry.

Intending to support the development of promising screen professionals and the viability of screen businesses, Screen Australia was unable to meet the KPI of supporting eight long-term placements (long term defined as over three months). Six placements were supported, however, due to COVID-19 businesses were unable to take on placements and fewer applications were received, leading to a reduction in training opportunities in screen production.

Screen Australia continued to process funding applications as usual, except for overseas festivals/markets and workshops due to Government travel advice. As the majority of the industry went into hiatus, Screen Australia continued to support and process applications, working with the State Agencies and Office for the Arts to best assist productions in dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, government restrictions and the return to production.

Despite the challenges, the achievement of our PBS and Corporate Plan objectives this year reflects our focus on principles of quality, innovation and culture, as well as industry resourcing and development through research and targeted initiatives for increased operational efficiency. For further details see ‘Note from the CEO’ and ‘Highlights of 2019/20’.