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Board Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct (Code) sets out the standards of personal and professional conduct required of board members. The standards concern personal integrity, honesty, self-discipline, diligence and professional competence.

Board members have an obligation to accept and abide by this Code in spirit as well as by the letter of the law.

Board members must at all times:

a) Understand and uphold the values and objectives of Screen Australia.

b) Be familiar with the Screen Australia Act 2008 (as amended), Screen Australia’s policies and procedures including its Code of Conduct and Values (see Attachment A), and the duties of accountable authorities and officials as defined in the relevant legislation including the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and its associated Rules

c) Prepare for, attend, and participate actively in Board meetings, and make decisions in a timely, fair and efficient manner.

d) Ensure decisions of the Board are based on the best evidence and information available.

e) Maintain good relations with other government agencies and have regard to stakeholders.

f) Report immediately any personal conflicts of interest (actual or perceived) or serious breaches of the law to the Board.

g) Conduct themselves with regard to the reputation, purpose, objectives and interests of Screen Australia, and not do, say, or omit to do anything which might bring Screen Australia into disrepute, be inconsistent with or detrimental to its objectives and interests or cast doubt on the professional integrity of board members.

h) Not claim or give the impression that they are representing the official views of Screen Australia, unless they have been expressly authorised to do so.

i) Perform their duties diligently, conscientiously and without favour to themselves or another person.

j) Not improperly use information they have obtained as a result of their position, and ensure that confidential information is not disclosed improperly, or only as required.