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Board Charter

The Board is responsible to the Minister for Communications, Cyber Saftey and the Arts for the performance of Screen Australia. The Board’s role, responsibilities and powers are set out in the Screen Australia Act 2008 and the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

The Board is responsible for the strategic directions and objectives of Screen Australia, as represented in the Corporate Plan and other strategy documents. The Corporate Plan is reviewed annually. The Board’s responsibilities include the governance practices of Screen Australia.

Subject to certain authority limits and reporting requirements, the Board reserves the following matters:

  • expenditure of funds outside the current financial authorisations
  • approval of material changes to guidelines for all funding programs
  • approval of policy positions advocated by Screen Australia
  • Compliance Report
  • Annual Report
  • Corporate Plan (including strategic plan and overall strategic directions)
  • the annual budget and material departures from the approved budget for each Department.
  • financial reports (at Departmental level)
  • monitoring of official international co-production program
  • monitoring of the Producer Offset program
  • certification of projects applying for the Producer Offset in accordance with established Screen Australia policy
  • membership of the Audit Committee and other Board committees
  • risk management and monitoring of operational and financial risks.

The Board may decide on other matters as necessary and at its discretion. An Audit Committee is to be established to assist the Board in the discharge of its responsibilities and its role will be contained in a Charter to be established by the Board. Other committees of the Board are to be established as needed.

The Board Charter will be included in each annual report of the Board.

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